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[Kingsman] Get Ready For It by Hanesihiko
[Kingsman] Get Ready For It
I had not enjoyed a movie as much as I enjoyed Kingsman, not in a while. This movie is my new problematic favourite. I love it I LOVE IT! <33 This is a terrible attempt at drawing double-breasted suits, forgive me.

Yet another one of my supposedly 'quick' things that ended up sucking a grand amount of time but with ultimately lackluster results. laksjdk

I would draw Harry but I'm not confident with my ability to draw older gents, so I picked the cowardly, easier route. 

Eggsy Unwin
Kingsman: The Secret Service

Tools: Copic Sketch markers + PS

BBC Merlin: this is war, but i've got your back by Hanesihiko
BBC Merlin: this is war, but i've got your back
"Maybe you should back off a little, sire. Wouldn't want to singe that perfect golden mane of yours…"

"Why, Merlin, I had no idea you have such a fixation with my hair. Perhaps you ought to direct your attention to the archers over there though, they seem to be aiming for your head.”

[Edit: Please click the download button on the right-side for the full size.] 

*rises from the grave* EEEEYAAAARGHHHHHHHHH

Err... yeah. More Merlin (BBC) fanart (obvious, my current obsession is obvious). As always, it all started simple enough: the urge to draw golden-eyed Merlin (as in, him using magic) and with Arthur being completely at ease with it. I figured, let's have them fighting side-by-side like total BAMFs. So that was the seed. Also had this image of scale-patterns on Merlin’s robes, which was the actual thing I was excited to do, ngl. The idea was that they're dragon scales since he's a dragonlord but then again.... those must be pretty tiny dragons hahaha. Logic fails.

I realised later, a bit hysterically, that I really needed to come up with a scenario to put them in and everything sort of escalated to the point of ridiculousness. Backgrounds/composition aren’t my strongest suits. Also there was a period of utter hell at work, I hit several metaphorical walls with the composition and such, and RL got in the way so many times… hence, this took months to finish because I’d had to steal time to do this. And sometimes I was just not in the mood. ;; It really shouldn’t have taken that long… but well. I tend to be really my pace when working on fanarts, lol. I kept moving and switching things around and that resulted in repaints upon repaints...

I had some hurdles with the fire-magic thing, which was supposed to look like actual fire but all my attempts at it just did not look right. So instead, I just settled on some abstract sparkles and swirls because it was taking too much time and I just wanted to get it done. -__-;  

Anyway, my hope is that you might discover new things whenever you see this piece regardless of how often you've viewed it, that it remains interesting and captures your imagination. That would make me really happy~ 

Cross-posted on: tumblr (<-- I uploaded some close-ups as well. Plenty of details got drowned by the effects though. ;; I wasn't working with a huge resolution either.)


Merlin Emrys, Arthur Pendragon
Merlin (BBC) 



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Thank you so much! I hardly deserve this. xD;;

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